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It's here! The last full moon lunar eclipse of 2022 and this one is huge because of the other astrological aspects happening around it! I explain on the call!!

Note: if you're new here Eclipses are HUGE new chapters in our lives! You will see big events reflected in the collective as well as in your personal life.

These are what I live for as an astrologer!!! :)


With the moon in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio this fixed energy can move mountains and it will for you!

When we talk about the archetype of Taurus we focus on love, money, and self worth.

It's all connected and once you understand that there is nothing in the way of you receiving both....except for your own beliefs and old programs, then you can understand how to make space for the magic.

And magic it is because it's frequency and everything in the Universe is frequency.

Money is neutral.

Love is always present it's only blocked by your own stories and past experiences. Because the reality is love is always here.

Just like spirit told me...love happens not once but in every moment of our lives!

It's a shift in consciousness and we need to activate and upgrade that part of your brain and field.

Together we are going to go deep into a night of magic so we can help you make space for both!

AND SO MUCH MORE...because as I mentioned it's all connected.

Ps- I am an activator. People in my field make more money. I've seen this for years now. It is a side bonus ;)

**Please note: This virtual call is for anyone that is in a relationship or single! No matter what we have an opportunity to activate a more love AND money in all areas of your life!


Dear Darling Danielle!  I just experienced your moon circle tonight.  First time ever receiving from you.  The depth of the energy accessed and remembered are beyond words and comprehension.  I sojourned even deeper, wider, and higher in harmony with the current recalibration and reintegration into my full soul self.  This circle was ultra powerful. 

I am in love, in peace, in truth, in ease, and in grace.Thank you for being a vessel to remind us of our reverence and resonance of who we already are.  

- Patricia

Thank you for that divine portal. From the first meditation, I actually fell into a hypnotic state and traversed realms with dreams/visions until I awoke to the most beautiful music playing an hour later. You are a wonderful guide and the peace and safety that I felt surrounded by allowed me to truly heal in that container and surrender into whatever my soul needed in the moment. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. Happy eclipse, all! 

- Alyssa

You’ve done done it again, Danielle! I adore and cherish these and you SO much! Thankful to have found you on social media — my sister and I talk about how much fun we would all have together and get along so well lol. You are magical and I thank you ever so deeply for helping all of us the way you do. 

I was definitely in different dimensions tonight.  the picture hanging on my wall started to shift into my ancestors faces.  It was unbelievable.  Thank You. 

My second full moon circle and just wow. It is helping me become better at sitting in stillness and opening up. I put my phone on silent and I make sure to commit to myself for this precious circle. I know this might sound crazy but I saw my son that is not yet born. It was like a 3-5 second flash but he looked like me and exactly how a psychic had described him a few years back, how wild and effortless how he just showed himself. This hit for me as I often worry about how I’m running out of time, could the psychic have been wrong about me having a child in my early 40s. There was also a point where I felt I was about to go to a whole other place and my body was lifting but I have issues letting go and I stopped myself. I look forward to the replay to continue to develop myself with these circles. Your voice and energy truly takes the crazy Italian gem/aries/sag and calms me to become more open each time. So grateful for this circle and my commitment to it going forward. Love you! 

This was one of your best yet and I’ve been doing them for a year and a half!!!!!

Welcome to my online circles, if you're new here these are beyond powerful!!!

Every time you do it it gets better and better because like an onion we can peel back the layers that are obstructing your "view" to your true self - this is how you access your intuition!

Everyone always asks how can they heal. You heal by doing rituals like this that connect you back to your soul and commit to them monthly so that we can go in deeper each time!

This is a VIRTUAL circle, so you can be anywhere in the world! ;)

ps- I always keep the price point low so that everyone can join.


On this Virtual Moon Circle call, we:


Discussed the current Eclipse Energy and what it means


Did a healing session to clear out your pain in love and low self worth which will help with money blocks


Invoked the Full Moon energy to bring in new light codes and activated your field


Tapped into the energy of the earth AND spiritual realms


Did breath-work to help you balance the material and spiritual worlds


Did a grounding meditation that will connect you deeply with your soul to access your intuition.


Used the magic of the Moon to activate your Intuition


And more, let's see what spirit brings, I always like to leave some room for Magick!



**There will be no refunds and Danielle Paige is not responsible for any emotional or physical illnesses.  

**This is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world AND you still get the healing benefits even if it's not the day of the full moon. HEALING IS HEALING!! :)


I haven't been able to open my heart up since I lost my father but tonight I was able too

Thank you. 

Agian. Wow. Thanks for the deep healing, upgrade and transmission. This is the biggest shift I've ever been through in this lifetime.  And today's fullmoon eclipse session with you was helping me see that I'm safe. I can trust and that I'm a channeler. Wow, I got so many new perspectives and messengers from my gudies. Thank you for keeping the space. 

Yes! I literally felt like I took a trip to my star and back. Then I was like what if everyone on this call did that? Holy shit!!!!! And then you posted you saw all of us traversing!!! This is my ALL TIME favorite, most powerful, beautiful circle you’ve facilitated! My goodness I immediately felt so much clear out and my back pain disintegrated and my body felt so light. I want to have that feeling of pure love everyday!Thank you!!!!!! 

Your the best! Thank you for this Moon Circle. My Heart Chakra was on fire! 

Thank you so much for the moon circle tonight! There is so much I could share, but I have to say that I almost felt like I was a precious little baby being taken care of and loved! So nourishing. So safe. It makes me want to cry again now just thinking of it! Very grateful for the healing.